Some of you may remember that many years ago I wrote a blog.  And many of those same people with elephant-length memories will remember that’s how we know each other.

At that time we had such fun and although the years have past we have kept in touch with each other even if it is one email a year, we still know each other.

Well, here we go again.  Technology has transformed our lives in the meantime and now blogging and website-building have advanced.   There are a couple of reasons I have set up this blog.  Firstly for professional reasons to teach myself new important skills.  Secondly for personal, professional and creative outlet reasons.  It’s a long story; that will do.

I have a plan for it but that’s staying with me as I would like this blog to develop and get a life of its own.

Writing this is making me feel nostalgic for blog those friendships.I am hoping I don’t get bored with it, and lack of time is a major factor keeping these things going but welcome aboard and here goes.

Welcome aboard my friends.