Actually this sign always makes me think the gender of the locker rooms is male.

Interesting words from Dr Jan Halper-Hayes, former vice-president of Republicans Overseas, on last Sunday’s  Broadcasting House.

She makes it very clear there is no excuse for Trump’s words which she says cannot be defended and have “a level of grossness”, and continues:

but do I find it personally shocking?  No, because I have worked with so many of the men in Donald Trump’s calibre;  and athletes and celebrities.  And people throw themselves at these celebrities, but they also feel that they have this right by how they’re treated….the fact that we have put the monkey on Donald Trump’s back is what bothers me,  because this is a good example of how a whole variety of sexism still exists,  and part of it we need to accept because we’re not going to change the upbringing of  men or women.

Listen to the sniggering 13  33-year-old Billy Bush.  Well, we do need to change the upbringing of men and women.