No, not the cat.

Just being listening to The Unbeliveable Truth on Radio 4, where panellists have to “smuggle” 5 truths into a couple of minute’s worth of lies about a given subject.

Also noticed a couple of “filler in” blog posts and thought I’d go easy on myself and give you 8 truths about myself amongst 25 lies:

  1. I was born in 1972
  2. My real name means “respected and adored”
  3. I am tall dark and handsome
  4. I am the youngest of 5 brothers
  5. I have a degree in Drama and English from a Welsh university
  6. My favourite book is The Wind In The Willows
  7. I love giving dinner parties.
  8. I have seen a psychotherapist every week for the past 6 years
  9. I sleep 6 hours a night
  10. I take statins
  11. I got my first and only tattoo last year
  12. I used to be a majorette
  13. I speak Italian and French with reasonable fluency
  14. I cannot have too many pajamas or duffel coats
  15. I have lived in the same London flat for 17 years
  16. I play the piano,  sing, swim and do yoga – often all at the same time
  17. I would do anything to spend an evening with Kristen Chenoweth
  18. …or Maggie Aderin-Pocock
  19. I’ve been a Dresser at English National Opera
  20. I really want to go to Finland, Estonia and Latvia
  21. My father was an electrical engineer and my mother a professional dressmaker
  22. Four of  favourite fictional characters are Molesworth, Nicholas, Asterix and Charlie Brown.
  23. I was born north of Leeds
  24. I have commissioned an artist to paint a portrait of me
  25. If I’d been a girl I would have been called Audrey

P.S. there’s lots of half truths….