After Me Comes The Flood Book Cover After Me Comes The Flood
Sarah Perry
Serpent's Tail

Sarah Perry's The Essex Serpent has been one of my top books of this year, so I chose this book as it is her first and previous novel.  It is very different and I don't know how I would have felt about it had I read it first.  Set in a timeless present, the book is strong on atmosphere: light and nature dominate, just as they do in The Essex Serpent.  The plot is odd.  It feels like a mystery but half way through when much is explained I felt my attention wane.  Having said that, I carried on and became caught up in it once more; the characters have stayed with me just as the book as a whole remains lingering in my mind.  I suspect I was not quite in the right frame of mind for it at the time of reading - sometimes snatching the odd 20 minutes of reading on a tube journey is not the right thing.  The book is set in a heatwave, but I would recommend it as an autumn/winter read when you can give it full attention.  It will reward you.