Autumn Book Cover Autumn
Ali Smith
Penguin Books
October 2016

Ali Smith's last book How To Be Both literally sent me to Ferrara.  Autumn is very much a novel about this country right now.  She is writing four books corresponding to the seasons, each one a dialogue with current affairs.  I choose the word dialogue because Ali Smith's books are unconventional.  Personally I don't get on with experimental writing, but Smith's is so captivating, and is both poetic and clearly understandable.  Autumn deals with the fallout of the Brexit vote but....just saying that takes away the magic of  this book.  Her mind is bursting with ideas and connections and she takes you on a fascinating journey - like tumbling down a waterfall in slow motion.  Just jump in and read it.  If you struggle with the first few pages, then it's probably not for  you - but I truly hope it is.