I don’t want this to be a confessional blog, especially one which involves talking about the lives of those around me.  Suffice to say at the moment there is much going on with people I am close to that I won’t write about here.  I am very tired, grateful not to be working five days a week (ironically) and I don’t really know how I am emotionally.  Things are not dreadful but they aren’t going to get better, and that’s what I am dealing with in my head.  I’m not good with change – never have been – and profound changes are on the horizon.  I’m also an onlooker, albeit an emotionally-involved one, though I have always been able to distance myself , which may or may not be a good thing. Probably both.  What sort of distance I need to, or can maintain, now remains to be seen.

I keep saying the cliches “life goes on”, “that’s how life is”, etc – but they are true.  There will be change.