Well, if only it was that simple.  Truth is I’ve some bits and bobs but not nowhere near enough money coming in.  I’m applying for jobs and writing to organisations that appeal to me most days.  One application can easily take four hours to complete.  That time aside, however , no work means that I have time now to swim three mornings a week – which sets me up for the day mentally and physically – to clean, to clear out years of accumulated stuff in the the flat, to really focus on my piano playing, but most importantly I have had the time to spend with ailing parents and  to help look after a terminally ill friend. If I had a full time job, boy would I be struggling if able to do those things at all.  Goodness knows I have worked hard all my life and  to have such time is so important- but I have no income.

I am determined not to go back to supply teaching but I am realising how hard it is to rid myself of the label “teacher”.  I’ve only done it for the past nine years, but once a teacher you are always perceived as a teacher as if you cannot do anything else – despite the fact the skills and experience it gives you are invaluable and can easily transfer into all sorts of other jobs.  But you are just a teacher.

I have no chance now of earning anywhere near my teachers’ pay.  I have to go back to the beginning. Which is why I am having to take as much emphasis off my teaching career as I can.

Even as I write this I wonder how spoilt and privileged I sound.  And I am.  But I still need an income and changing careers right now is proving really tough.  It’s not a mid life crisis: I am of the generation who won’t be retiring at 65.  I am going to have to work long past that, and so I want to do the best for myself that I can.

This situation with so many positives has got to change pretty damn quick.