I’ve a busy weekend and may have no more time to write, so for anyone who cares:

  • I’ve run out of money – completely
  • I’ve had a magazine article proposal accepted and will get small payment as long as I can get the three interviews it needs organised. My first paid writing for a long long time.
  • I was planning at this point to be doing some home tutoring but getting onto the books is like pulling teeth, which has buggered up my financial plans
  • I may have some ‘consultancy’ work. (That’s a word that covers a multitude of evils haha)
  • I’m taking part in a voluntary paid study – needs must and more on this later
  • I’m remarkably calm thanks to keeping a daily routine which involves exercise, and some simple Mindfulness practice
  • I wasn’t calm when I got home from shopping today due (amongst other things) to a large Primary school trip in the supermarket and a tiny baby in an enormous buggy on the bus
  • I’m listening to an Audible Original: Six Degrees of Assassination.  One of the most gripping things I have heard for a long time.  Full review when I have finished
  • I love Bargain Hunt and Strictly and would happily take part in either if anyone is asking
  • I can’t tell you how glad I am that Halloween is over
  • Bonfire Night is now like a week of living in a war zone
  • I’m locked horns in battle with the cat (that’s not her pictured)

Now, back to the kitchen.  I get so tense cooking my shoulders hurt.  If I went on Masterchef I think I would collapse.