I was tempted to repeat my gym changing room sign photo (see below) due to the delightful responses it received but my priority here is for safe entertainment and not to choke readers on their coffee.

Yesterday I was treated to a fascinating demonstration of feet drying with a hairdryer.  It shamed my own yoga position efforts

I try and swim about three times a week, and one expenditure I am clinging onto with dear life is my gym membership fee because it has an excellent 25m swimming pool which is usually fairly quiet and swimming keeps me calm and sane.  And more to the point there are NO CHILDREN.

In the past I have always gone swimming at the gym after work: around 6/7pm.  I noticed that conversations in the men’s changing room (I keep myself to myself and do anything to avoid verbal interaction with those around me) always tended to focus on football or the physical activity that has just been completed/is about to be started.

Now I have more time on my hands I start the day swimming, so am usually there between 9/10am.  I have noticed that conversations at this time tend to focus on hip and knee replacement operations.