Today I feel as if the laptop is glued to my lap despite the fact the sun is shining and I should be outside.  Also the laptop is making me feel hotter than I already am.  I hate this  inertia.  It’s the lure of the internet.  Far more easy to clear out my bookmarks and emails than do anything constructive.  Like cleaning or tidying or looking for a job.  I never actually clear out my bookmarks and emails because I just get led into a spider’s web of web browsing.

I quite fancy going to a film but it’s sunny outside and the Northern Line is out of service.  Excuses.  Excuses.  So instead I sit here and am forcing myself to write a blog post because at least that feels a bit constructive – which it isn’t it’s just alleviating my guilt.

Soon I’ll feel hungry so I’ll have lunch, then a mid-afternoon hot drink, then go out for Tea, then have an evening meal, then watch the TV and go to bed too late.

I could be writing some play reviews here as I have a backlog.  I could I could I could.  Do I really want to write or am I just lazy?  What do I want to write if I do want to write.  I can’t continue with these self-indulgent ramblings.

I don’t feel any the better for writing this.  I need a kick up the backside.