I am endeavouring to keep my personal Mr Bert Pods weekly 20 minute podcast going. Added to this I have joined forces with a friend and we have started – but not yet published – a new Podcast which is to be entitled Nothing To See Hear. We have sat and chatted in a Zoom room with a vague topic to hang our rambling conversations on, and I have then edited the audio file into a podcast. The Pilot episode was like giving birth to the universe and only just finally complete because he is very difficult to work with, as will become clear when you hear the podcast. We have recorded Episode 1 and I am in the process of editing. Realistically with are thinking of publishing as a 30 -40 minute episode every two weeks, though I still need to look into a publishing platform which is another major task. We may get a few recorded and edited before we put them out. I just want to keep the embers glowing for you all as I know a lot of you are having difficulty containing your excitement.