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One million years ago I came down to London from my home town in Yorkshire and began to work in the theatres of London’s West End, working a followspot (the moving spotlight you see on actors).  My first job was at the Victoria Palace on High Society, Richard Eyre’s mixing of The Philadelphia Story (play/film) and High Society (film).

Later I got a job on the London production of Sondheim’s Follies at the Shaftsbury Theatre with Diana Rigg, Daniel Massey, David Healy and Julia Mckenzie.  The first time I saw it, when the music started (“Hey up there”) and the ghosts of the Weismann Girls appeared,

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Clair de Lune

I’m about 75% towards my own satisfaction with this.  Its a mobile recording of my keyboard’s recording so sound quality ain’t great.

(Annoyingly I can only get this audio to play on Microsoft Edge and not Firefox I usually use.  Haven’t tried Chrome.  Will look into it.  See also Podcast 7/10/17 – that’s 7th October, dear US friends)


And so to my beloved Foundling Museum for a evening of folk music.  Indeed the first folk gig I have ever been to.   I wore my special folk jumper and drank a bottle of St Peter’s beer.  The players were The Rheingans Sisters.  One played the violin, the other violin, the viola and the banjo.  They both sang.

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