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Work Catch-up 3

And now it’s the wonderful Adrian Mole The Musical, which I absolutely love working on. A show whose book, lyrics and score are fresh, wittily complex and surprising, put together by a very talented hard working team, and which is still making me laugh out loud night after night despite having to work through a relentless 414 cues in two hours.

Work Catch-up 2

Waiting to open Door 4.

Work Catch-up 1

I had three very happy months working as part of Stage Crew for The Twilight Zone, during which I was known as The Spinnerman because I had to deal with the bloody bastard spinners (see above), which eventually I made my peace with. I was also Door 4. No one who worked on the show will forget Door 4 in a hurry.


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2. Christmas 2018

1. Christmas 2018

An Unforgotten Life

I recently went to the superb exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery about Charles II and his art collection.  There were four magnificent full length portraits hanging together, all of which were fascinating but this one I found very moving.



One of my favourite things to do on holiday (and I know this will come as a shock to many of you) is to sit in a cafe.  Occasionally I take a photo of the view from my seat at the table.  Then I look back at my photos and have no recollection of which place I was in.

Cat Imitating Art

I’m in the middle of watching Vanished By The Lake, a French mystery TV series filmed in Provence near a town, Esparron du Verdon, where we had a holiday a few years back.  This is one of a lot of photos I took – the cat wandered into the sculpture, in an artist’s garden, just as I was taking the photo.  No remembrance of where the garden was or how we came across it.

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