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One of my favourite things to do on holiday (and I know this will come as a shock to many of you) is to sit in a cafe.  Occasionally I take a photo of the view from my seat at the table.  Then I look back at my photos and have no recollection of which place I was in.

Cat Imitating Art

I’m in the middle of watching Vanished By The Lake, a French mystery TV series filmed in Provence near a town, Esparron du Verdon, where we had a holiday a few years back.  This is one of a lot of photos I took – the cat wandered into the sculpture, in an artist’s garden, just as I was taking the photo.  No remembrance of where the garden was or how we came across it.

Gym Talk

I was tempted to repeat my gym changing room sign photo (see below) due to the delightful responses it received but my priority here is for safe entertainment and not to choke readers on their coffee.

Yesterday I was treated to a fascinating demonstration of feet drying with a hairdryer.  It shamed my own yoga position efforts

I try and swim about three times a week, and one expenditure I am clinging onto with dear life is my gym membership fee because it has an excellent 25m swimming pool which is usually fairly quiet and swimming keeps me calm and sane.  And more to the point there are NO CHILDREN.

In the past I have always gone swimming at the gym after work: around 6/7pm.  I noticed that conversations in the men’s changing room (I keep myself to myself and do anything to avoid verbal interaction with those around me) always tended to focus on football or the physical activity that has just been completed/is about to be started.

Now I have more time on my hands I start the day swimming, so am usually there between 9/10am.  I have noticed that conversations at this time tend to focus on hip and knee replacement operations.

Never Go To Bed Angry

Stay awake all night and plot your revenge.

Big Head

Sometimes even I can’t believe how good my photos are.

Clair de Lune

I’m about 75% towards my own satisfaction with this.  Its a mobile recording of my keyboard’s recording so sound quality ain’t great.

(Annoyingly I can only get this audio to play on Microsoft Edge and not Firefox I usually use.  Haven’t tried Chrome.  Will look into it.  See also Podcast 7/10/17 – that’s 7th October, dear US friends)


Yes really.  The sights you see in a gym changing room.

Autumn Sun

I’ve so much to write about but sometimes it’s just a photo that feels right.

I’m Back

Hit reality with a big bump, but as can be seen from the photo the last few weeks gave me some escape.

Shut Up And Listen

Shut up and listen.  I seem to remember a quote I put on here about the wise man who listens.  I wish I could apply it to myself.  I do consider myself a good listener but paradoxically I often do not know when to shut up.

Cases in point:

I have an awkward moment in a friendship at the moment.  Well it may not be awkward, it may be all in my head.  (That’s something else I am good at: over-analysis, but we’ll leave that for another posting.)  Either way I need to shut up.  I keep trying to work out what I should have said or what I should say next time, but what I need to do is stay quiet, no matter how irritated I feel.  Giving a response just makes matters worse.

Nod and smile.

I also had a meeting the other day when I said too much.  Ironically one piece of advice the person I was talking to gave me, was to listen.  Let the other person talk, find their needs and weaknesses.  I also gave way to my bad habit of letting my feelings show on my face.  Sometimes I jumped in and interrupted because my mind does zap around.  And I was to quick to turn down an offer of help – another bad habit of mine: not wanting to put people to any trouble.  Good grief if they are offering me help – take it!  I also tend to verbalise  negatives – what I can’t do, or if I have a problem blocking me.  People don’t want to hear that.

Well, writing all that down here makes it sound ten times worse than it was, but I really do have to bear these things in mind.

Don’t explain, don’t complain.

Some of you may remember that?