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Category: Podcasts

Branching Out

I am going to continue writing up my diaries and some other things here but in order to keep myself occupied I am going to start a podcast, which will be linked to this blog, and which in theory will me rambling on. It’s an experiment for now.

I am hoping it will be up and running today.

Watch this space.

The Butterfly Effect

This is a Podcast review.  It’s on Audible, though I believe extending to iTunes.  It’s by Jon Ronson, whom I think has become a very perceptive and sympathetic writer and broadcaster.  I say sympathetic because the last podcast I listened to, S- Town, left me morally uncomfortable despite its gripping exposure of the dark underbelly of an American town held me in its thrall throughout.

I think the beauty of the Podcast – well, I would say Radio because

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