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Category: Radio

Meandering unedited Thoughts about myself.

This post is probably best not to be read by anyone other than me.  It’s probably going to be self-indulgent.  I think I need to get what is going on in my head out and and into the world, for vaguely therapeutic reasons.

It’s my birthday on Monday and it’s a bit of a strange weekend.  I have the opportunity to spend Sunday night in Leeds, which is near my parents’ house, so we’re having lunch with them and  then I will come back home on Monday.

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An Experiment In Mass Persuasion

A Point of View – BBC Radio 4

It’s easy to feel distanced from the US Presidential election here in the UK.  The whole process is complicated. But looking at the grass roots, is the success of Trump comparable with our own Brexit vote result and the popularity of Corbyn?

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