Dog Will Have His Day Book Cover Dog Will Have His Day
The Three Evangelists
Fred Vargas (pictured right)
Harvill Secker

Retired policeman (and friend of Adamsberg) Louis Kehlweiler finds a bone in some old dog excrement. It's a human bone and Kehlweiler is determined  to find out from whom it has come.  With the help of Marc and Matthias, his search unexpectedly leads him out of Paris and into a small Breton village, where the more he discovers, the more he is convinced he is investigating murder.

I am huge fan too of Fred Vargas, whose series of detective books featuring Commissaire Adamsberg are one of the most entertaining offbeat crime books around.  I always read the latest Adamsberg book on holiday, and was very upset to find that the latest was not ready for my holiday.  A disgrace.  However she has another set of books whose protagonists are three young men called Marc, Lucien and Matthias, known collectively as the title of the first book the Three Evangelists.  This second book in the series has been a long time coming in translation but is well worth the wait.  If you don’t know her books start with The Chalk Circle Man (Adamsberg number one), and The Three Evangelists.  The beautifully translated (by Sian Reynolds) books are eccentric and funny – and I guess are a bit of an acquired taste.  I love them.  Will you?