(Apologies for the “snowing” blog.  I have no control over it.)

This week I:

Baked a Christmas cake (which unfortunately burnt side and base but – I have been informed – is otherwise immensely edible)

Met a friend I haven’t seen for a while.

Cleaned the kitchen

Wrote an article for a lighting magazine

Sat through KS1 Nativity (Mary and Joseph were in need of relationship counseling, and one Roman soldier was definitely method acting)

Visited the vet – twice (apparently I own a “princess” and I am her “daddy” – I don’t think so)

Edited content of new website for the lighting company. (I’m now a dab-hand at WordPress and Visual Composer – who’d have thought?)

Taught for 2 days.



Sorted out the most important Christmas present of them all and started writing my cards.

Seen my first public space lighting project after dark for the first time (very proud of myself)

My current books are Autumn by Ali Smith (which is making me nearly miss tube stops) and Bryant and May On The Loose by Christopher Fowler

Music is currently a nostalgic but sadly relevant revisit to The The’s Infected and Dusk, and Christine and the Queen’s  Chaleur Humaine, which I find very calming.

So a very constructive week which unfortunately cannot be sustained as I have run out of money.

I  need another job.  Any offers?