sit still

or literally from the Yiddish:  rub your bottom on the chair.

The cat in the room with me right now cannot sit still, as she has decided it is feeding time even though it is 2 hours early for that.  She is pacing backwards and forwards which is the most unsettling thing in front of someone trying to write.  She may sit and lick herself furiously next.  Not relaxing to watch or listen to. In a minute she will yowl and then give up and sit  with her head slightly lowered and turned two-thirds away from me.  Sad cat.  If that fails she will leave the room and pee on the floor just outside the doorway, scratching the floor loudly when she’s finished.  I then have to get copious paper towels and a bottle of vinegar, and clear up.

Yep there we go.  Into sad cat position.

Before her bottom is rubbed on the floor, and I must fail to sit still.