No teaching job for September, and what I am doing now has gone sour anyway.  I’ve seen my dream job and I can’t live on the wages (but I’ve applied anyway).  Parents are a continual concern.  The cat’s had cystitis.

I hate uncertainty.  Who doesn’t.

Tomorrow I’m working all day (which’ll be nice, actually as it’s my first day at the museum) followed by Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf in the evening.  Watching a married couple tear each other apart on stage will cheer me up no end.  Next week I’m speaking at a conference on the same stage as top lighting designers.

Fortunately lots of comedy on the TV:  caught up with first series of Some Girls on the BBC iplayer.  And Car Share and Hospital People are very funny.

Listening to Jarvis Cocker and Imelda May

I’ve lots of profound thoughts going round in my head but I am too tired to articulate them.  Hey ho.

The cat’s on loads of pills which she takes in butter.

She’s happy.