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If you haven’t seen the film then don’t read further unless you know you will never see the film….

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Goodbye Christopher Robin

Rachel Kneebone at the Foundling

Graeme Simsion


Been gearing myself up all week with the excitement of A Streetcat Named Bob opening last Friday…only to find it was at none of my four nearest cinemas.

But in a cinema mood and decided to go and see Nocturnal Animals because I’ll go and see anything with Amy Adams in it (Junebug, anyone?) and it’s had very mixed reviews (“misogynist” to “masterpiece”).  I liked A Single Man but didn’t get that excited over it, so went in fairly open-minded.


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Settled down last night to one of my horror DVD’s, many of which have been gathering dust since last year.  As noted before, I do enjoy hunkering down for a horror film evening supplemented by central heating, closed curtains, low lighting, hot drink and, last night, a cat with diarrhoea.

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Two DVD’s I viewed recently and can recommend should you be yearning for a recommendation.  Slightly different from each other.

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Not the Olympics

This is here for no other reason than a friend referenced the film apparently because she is feeling like this at the moment.  It takes all sorts.

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