And so to my beloved Foundling Museum for a evening of folk music.  Indeed the first folk gig I have ever been to.   I wore my special folk jumper and drank a bottle of St Peter’s beer.  The players were The Rheingans Sisters.  One played the violin, the other violin, the viola and the banjo.  They both sang.

The music ranged from old French dances through Scandinavian folk music to their own compositions.  They were wonderful.  It was fascinating to see how locked into each other they were as they played; the fact that they were siblings made their musical relationship all the more interesting.  They won’t be playing live again until March 2017, but they seem to be up to plenty of other things in the meantime.

By the way the photo at top is linked by the fact it was taken on a private guided tour I went on of The Charterhouse, organised again by the Foundling Museum.  Very little is left of the truly enormous abbey it once was (it has been a splendid manor house, a boys school – now housed in Goldaming –  and is now an almshouse) but what there is to see is unique in the middle of London.

The Charterhouse