Well I have cheered up.  Immensely.  I feel like a switched has clicked in me and my sense of well-being has gone back to normal.  Problems are back in perspective, uncertainty is bothering me less as I can’t do anything about it and although I have no work in September and need to find something pretty damn quick, I am not feeling anxious.  Maybe I had what used to be known as a bout of melancholy.  It’ll be back again at some point but that’s OK.

What frightens me is when you hear people talking about being in deep states of depression, and being so locked in that they believe they are thinking and behaving normally, even as they are considering suicide as a logical solution to their problems.

I don’t mind introspection which can be enlightening when shared, but there can be a thin line between it and narcissism.

So enough about me.

For now.