Over the past weeks I have found myself wanting to turn away from the news and then feeling that is a selfish act.  If I am going to turn away then I feel should be doing something to help which I am not.

I still own  my thoughts and here are a few.  As I write this 58 people are missing.  The relief effort is being led by vulunteers.  There is no central co-ordination point.

There is a duty of care to the firemen.  I hope it is honoured.  They will live with what they have seen and done for the rest of  their lives, and that in turn will affect those they are closest to away from their work.

Theresa May has behaved abysmally.  Corbyn and the Royal Family got out there.  To say she was “too distraught” spits in the faces of those whose lives have been destroyed, who have experienced something no human should have to experience.

This disaster is becoming a symbol of  how our country is divided if not broken. There is shock this happened in twenty-first century London.  North Kensington has the richest and the poorest. I heard someone say people were not listened to not because of what they were saying but because of who they were.  The goodness of so many individuals and communities is overwhelming, but it may not stem the anger.  At worst we could witness riots.  This is not a time for political point scoring.  Our society has to profoundly change.  Something has got to give.