I’m relaying back and forth to Yorkshire with my brother, caring for our parents.  Dad is recuperating from a heart operation.  All is well.  I am very tired but I am getting quality time with my ancient parents which is good for all of us.  Last day at school tomorrow – possibly my last ever day teaching; who knows.

Job front still at a standstill

but I have some bitty pieces of work – everything helps.

I am really tired but taking one day at a time, and I really enjoy the train journey up to Yorkshire and back. When you are on a train you are in a sort of limbo where no one can bother you EXCEPT THE MAN NEXT TO ME LAST WEEK WHO WAS THE  ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE SILENT CARRIAGE TALKING (ON HIS PHONE).  Him aside it gives me some mental breathing space.

On the way back to London I have been watching DVD’s on my laptop – really enjoyed The Maltese Falcon, and Locke – but latter lost a lot because of the reflected light on the screen.  Having said that it’s an extraordinary film.

Sports Day today and yes all the stories about mad competitive parents are true.  Many were telling their offspring how to cheat.  Great life lessons for 5 year olds.

I’m leaving a school I’ve been at for 4 years but I have so much else going on, it hasn’t really hit me that I am not going back.

Well that’s all for now folks.  My reading has ground to a halt pretty much at the moment but I am reading The  Girl On The Train on the train.  It’s good but I’ve read lots of other thrillers as good.

I’ve just thought of something I have forgotten to pack for tomorrow, and I have now forgotten what it was. Probably something important.